More than flexible!

Our Innovations

One of the particular features of ALL-WRAP Packaging Machinery machines is to combine economy and ecology by producing pouches with shaped peelable opening flap without material loss, thus optimizing your production costs. Thanks to an ingenious system, the change of cutting shape is done in a few minutes allowing a quick customization of the pouches. The company also pursues a more environmentally friendly approach by promoting paper/paper packaging (recyclable).

Our range of horizontal rotary 4SS machines is equipped with the new Schneider Electric® automation which features a temperature management system. It ensures a perfect traceability of production through historical data recording. Multiple user access levels with password protection guarantee an optimal safety.

The same technical features are also available in Siemens Simotion® version.

Web tension control system ensures a constant tension throughout the unwinding of the reel, regardless of the width and the type of material used for each side of the pouch.

Auto-web guiding systems on each reel enable an exact superimposition and continual alignment of both sides of the pouch. They reduce material loss during roll changes and adjustments.

New infeed conveyor system adjustable by handwheels features easy, quick, and precise size changeover.

Eager to improve the working conditions of the production teams, ALL-WRAP Packaging Machinery has also focused its research on reducing the noise pollution of its equipment.
The latest version of the ALL-WRAP Packaging Machinery machines is certainly the quietest on the market.