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Flow Wrap - H3SS Brochure

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Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine - H3SS 160/270

The Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine (HFFS) is dedicated to the medical and pharmaceutical industry for the packaging of medical devices or various non-sterile products. Operating from a single roll of material (film or aluminised material), this machine can be equipped with a travelling cross seal unit (in option) for the packaging of bulky products.

Product Features:

  • Packaging material: any heat-sealable (including polypropylene complex and laminate foil) or cold-sealable material.
  • Reel: diameter up to 350 mm; width from 60 up to 600 mm.
  • Pouch width: H3SS 160: 30 to 150 mm; H3SS 270: 50 to 250 mm.
  • Pouch length: H3SS 160: 50 mm à 500 mm; H3SS 270: 100 mm à 700 mm.
  • Product thickness: H3SS 160: up to 60 mm; H3SS 270: up to 90 mm.
  • Output: up to 150 cycles/min.
  • Length format changeover: by pre-recorded programs.
  • Dimensions: L 3,80 m x W 1,00 m x H 1,65 m.
  • Weight: from 500 to 700 kg (depending on the model).

Standard Features:

  • Brushless automation.
  • Eye-mark registration for pre-printed material.
  • Two or three sets of wheels depending on type of products to be packed.


  • Travelling cross seal unit for bulky products.
  • Zigzag cutting.
  • Die cut for holes.
  • Thumb notch.
  • Auto-tensioning system.
  • Different printing systems (inkjet, thermal transfer, flexo).
  • Automatic feeder systems.
  • Stainless-steel version.
  • Machine available as left-hand design.
  • Further options on request.